“HONIN can be meticulous, delving into every note, every shade of color”


- Dallas observer    


HONIN is a singer-songwriter supplying a fresh take on dream-pop in the DFW area. Since graduating from UNT in jazz performance, her sound has developed with a more pop sensibility, but includes the intricate melodies and rich harmonies that she fell in love with while earning her degree. Her Debut EP, ‘Made to Grow,’ rides the current between groovy bops and dreamy landscapes, driving the listener through honest and emotional lyrics.  

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"A performance that is unique and all her own...[HONIN] is doing some really incredible work with her voice, but making it look easy like a true expert."

- dentonradio.com

“Let Me Go,” the EP’s opening, is a stripped-down exhibition of HONIN’s versatile vocals, while “Clutter” finds her blending jazz and pop influences. While creating the record, she toed the line between trusting her instincts and maintaining a steely devotion to the details." - Dallas Observer

"As HONIN began to incorporate more elements of pop and soul into her music, she saw her style shift away from the standard jazz traditions – a shift that happened, for her, on an unconscious level. It wasn’t something she pointedly set out to do, it just happened naturally like an expression of emotion." - Sounds From the Keep